Baltimore Fiddle Fair

Our whole school had the pleasure of attending the Baltimore Fiddle Fair concert for schools on Friday May 5th.

A fantastic day out was had. The children thoroughly enjoyed the music, and of course a trip to the Baltimore playground after.

The behaviour was super and  we hope to do more outings like this again!

Our School Garden

Our School Garden

Our outdoor space is bursting with colour from our blooming flowers and plants! The children have been busy planting and tending to our garden and it is all starting to take shape.

We look forward to seeing how they progress in the coming weeks



ESB Science Blast 2023

Congratulations to 2nd and 3rd on receiving an ESB Science Blast Award for their project entitled ‘Are the biggest magnets always the strongest magnets?’ The children presented their project for judging using Zoom to a Science professional on Thursday 4th April. The children received great praise and wonderful feedback from the judge.

ESB Science Blast is a non-competitive programme for Primary School classes. It encourages children’s natural curiosity, asking them to investigate the Science behind a simple question.

Experiments were enthusiastically carried out over the course of a few weeks. It was discovered that the size and strength of magnets don’t always go together. The children made some fun and unique games that use magnets. They look forward to having time to play with these soon. Overall, a fantastic time was had by all. Well done to our budding Scientists in 2nd and 3rd. We are extremely proud of your success!


Our new wall mural!

Our new wall mural!

The children in the senior room recently had the wonderful opportunity of creating a vibrant wild flower mural on our school yard. Artist Jessica Challacombe  was a fantastic leader in this project, and created something that exceeded all our expectations. We are thrilled with how it turned out, making our outdoor space more colourful and welcoming.  The funding from our proactive Parents Association enabled such a project to take place, therefore we would like to extend a huge thank you to them also. Well done to all involved!

Sowing Seeds in Lisheen

Bradley from “Lisheen Greens” kindly visited the school today to sow some seeds with the junior room.

The seeds were donated to us from Madeline in “Brown Envelope Seeds”. A huge thank you to her.

We sowed carrots, kale, peas, wheat and chives to name a few.

We cannot wait to see their progress over the coming weeks.

Thank you Bradley for your expertise!

Our New Touchscreen Interactive Board

There was great excitement in the senior room this week with the new arrival of our touchscreen interactive board.

This screen will bring a number of new and advanced learning experiences for the pupils, while also providing many IT opportunities for the whole school