The Board of Management of Lisheen National School is constituted as all other Boards of Managements for National Schools. The powers and responsibilities are those as set down for all schools, by the Department of Education and Skills.

Our Board of Management consists of the following:

  • Two direct nominees of the Patron
  • Two parents of children enrolled in the school
    • (one being a mother, the other a father),
    • elected by the general body of parents of children enrolled in the school
  • The principal teacher of the school
  • One other teacher on the staff of the school,
    • elected by vote of the teaching staff
  • Two extra members proposed by the nominees, (1) –(4) above

Board Members

Two Patron’s Nominees:

  • Trish Barry (Chairperson)
  • Walter Power

Elected Parents:

  • Julie Coakley
  • Pat-Joe Whooley

Teacher Reps:

  • Melissa Hodnett (Principal)
  • Siobhán Kingston (Vice Principal)

Wider Community:

  • Claire Hurley
  • Sean O’Driscoll

Functions of the Board of Management Boards of Management are responsible for the direct government of schools.

The duties of the Board of Management include the following:

  • The appointment of teachers and ancillary staff;
  • Approving school closures;
  • Approving teacher absences for a variety of reasons;
  • The appointment of teachers to deputy/principal and other posts of responsibility;
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation; and
  • Ensuring that schools are adequately insured and maintained.

Specific duties of the Chairperson of the Board of Management include;

  • Acting as a correspondent with the Department of Education and Skills and all outside bodies;
  • Presiding at Board of Management meetings;
  • Signing the monthly returns and annual statistical returns; and
  • Serving on the selection board for the appointment of teachers.

Our Board of Management work very hard in a voluntary capacity for the benefit of all the children in Lisheen NS and it is very much appreciated by all.